Successful Steps Ltd

We Can Help You Overcome Barriers To Education, Training & Employment  

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Our Aims:

To work with clients with multiple barriers and assist them to move forward in a supported way so that they have the confidence to make informed choices regarding their future.

The supported work includes considering personal advancement in training, education and employment.

We work with all maginalised  clients including clients with Mental Health Barriers and other Debilitating Barriers.

Our work includes offering a first qualification in a "safe" environment.

Our team worked in this field for over 20 years. 

We aim to remove all barriers faced by our clients and our mission is to move forward with the support and guidance of our team. 

Successful Steps is a Limited By Guarantee Not For Profit Organisation that is based in Bedfordshire and aims to work with individuals who face barriers to moving forward..

Your future is safe in our hands